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Tutorial- How to use Escort Review Boards

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Here's a quick and painless tutorial on how to find reputable escorts in the areas that you live and travel in.  A lot of you guys don't realize that there are other places to look for pussy besides, and this Tutorial is going to show you some other places to find it.

Two of the biggest and most reputable sites around is TER (TheEroticReview) and (Thebigdoggie). These sites are probably two of the most recognized sites for escorting in the world, and they are relatively simple to navigate.

Click the links provided Below.

(Naughty Reviews) Naughty Reviews

Naughty Reviews is the Newer of the larger Review boards, but it's very simple to navigate. Once inside the site, the review search option is on the left hand side of the site. Click the drop down menu for your desired City/State, and a list of escorts in that area will come up. Premium access to the site is ($19.99 a month) Enjoy!

(The Erotic Review) The Erotic Review

Once inside the Erotic Review Board site, click on the "reviews" category and type in your desired area code to see the girls in that area and read their reviews.  Very simple.  To see the entire review, you must purchase a VIP membership which is about ($25.00 a month) (A small price to pay for peace of mind). Enjoy

The other major Review Board to find reputable pussy is (Thebigdoggie) The Big Doggie Review Board

Once inside, click on "Directory" and click on your desired City and State.  To see the full listing you must become a paid member ($19.95 per month).  I give discounts if you're a paid member with big doggie, so don't forget to tell me if you schedule an appointment.

The last great place to find reputable pussy is (Date-Check) Date-Check

Feel free to use me as a reference…

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No Nookie for the Black Man!?!?!?!

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Where's the NAACP when you need them? Where is the outcry from the Rev Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton? I'll tell you where! There is none. This is the only industry that openly discriminates with no apologies. Do I think its right? No! Do I understand the reasons? Yes!

The reasons why black men have such a hard time in this industry is either one of two reasons!

(Reason 1)

The media perpetuated stereotype of black men in society. Gang bangers, robbers, thieves, and murderers! What self respecting ho is going to service a group of men who the media says are homicidal maniacs? We already put our life and freedoms at steak the very moment we walk into your hotel room. So the idea is to simply eliminate those men as options. The men that "society" says are the criminals and misfits. Not to mention the movies that deal with our industry from a black mans perspective. American Pimp, Pimps up hoes down, hookers at the point, and the legions of blacksploitation films of the 70's! Those movies are entertaining films but should not be considered educational tools for good escorts. Again, this is more media induced filth about this industry, and the people who partake in it! It's all garbage!

(Reason 2)

Experience! I've heard many stories of ladies who've had negative experiences with black men, whether it being disrespected or shortchanged. This scenario is not the majority though! I think that some girls create this sensational illusion of being hurt by black men in order to make their reasons seem rational for not wanting them as clients. And YES my brothers, you do contribute to this phenomenon of discrimination. Every time I get a phone call that begins like "Yeah boo, wuz up for tonight" or "Wuz up lil momma", I just can't begin to take you guys seriously! You're labeled as timewasters! Your not labeled as dangerous, but definitely a…

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My Girls.......My TITS!

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My girls. The twins. Whatever you want to call them, I have a love/hate relationship with my titties. 

No, stop. Let me be really, really honest here for a minute. I have a hate/hate relationship with them.

I hate that they never fit in bras.

I hate that I can't fit into Silk & Satin, or Victoria's Secret, or any of the other mall lingerie stores that have dozens of different bras on sale, and grab something cheap and sexy.

I hate even more that the only bras which ever fit my tits are sold in old lady boutiques and department stores.

I hate that the bras sold in those Delta Burke boutiques and department Stores which do fit me never cost less than $60.00 dollars.

I hate that these $60.00+ bras have straps wide enough to be used as tie downs for a mattress on a car hood.

I hate that my tits makes me look fatter than I really am.

I hate that they bounce around when I run to the point that I can almost knock myself unconscious with them.

I hate that I can fit into a size 14 or XL top, except that I need to go two sizes bigger to accommodate my boobs, so that my tops gap everywhere else.

I hate that I can't skip wearing a bra, or I look like one of those sloppy bra-less women we all sneer at. 

No bra+little boobs=sporty. No bra+giant boobs=sloppy

In an ideal universe, I'd install a titty remote control that lets me pump my boobs up and down, depending on the situation. In bed? Pump them up! Wearing something low cut and sexy! Click those fuckers up to a size F! Running up a flight of stairs? Down to a  size B.

Since that's not likely

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Always be Motivated by the Money!!

I had a conversation recently with a very good regular of mine who said that he refuses to see escorts whose main motivation is money, and although I somewhat agree with his sentiment, I also have to wonder; why should it matter what motivates a hooker as long as she's providing top notch service to her clients.

Sometimes I feel like the men in this hobby live in a constant state of naivety. Like escorts do this for the love of sex and men! NO SIR! Although I love sex and my clients with all my heart, the fact of the matter is, it's the money that drives me!

Take Escort #1 for instance, and I'll call her "Amy"!

"Amy" is what I would consider a top notch provider. She practically starves herself thin so that she can maintain that youthful size 5 body that's made her successful in this industry. She spends countless hours in the gym, countless hours running, countless hours prepping for sessions, countless hours marketing, countless hours maintaining her website, and countless hours posting ads in hopes that she'll gain new business prospects. So do you actually think that she does all that just for the love of sex and men? NO. She does it for the dollars!

What people fail to realize is that this is a business.

This is not
This is not
This is not

This is

We are Sex Workers, and you men know this from the very start! Like I've always said:

We are GFE (Girl friend Experience) 

NOT (Girl friend for Eternity)

If you've ever been with a provider who "acted" money hungry, then you just got bad service that's all. ALL escorts should be motivated by money but at the same time provide good service…

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