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What makes an EXCELLENT Client?

Easy! No idiotic questions, respects our boundary.

Meeting him is just as good. Right on time, to the minute.But if he has to cancel or is late, he makes sure to call ahead just to let me know. FABULOUS!

Average looking, but obsessively clean. Showers at my place and makes sure all cracks and crevices are meticulously scrubbed, cleaned, and powdered.

Well Manners, great conversation, vocal in his appreciation,gracious in his praise, generous, out the door at five to the hour, and just an all around Fabulous man.

Seriously, I'd LOVE to see more guys like this. As an escort,that's about the dream of a lifetime, client wise.

Easy to book
On time
Attentive and fun
Respects your time

I wish more guys would figure out just how easily pleased I am. I don't really ask for much, when you think about it. I just want to be treated well…….that’s all!


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Hero Escort kills serial killer with his gun!

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The woman behind the Whore Mask.......

Someone just asked me if I am ever concerned about the sheer amount of personal detail that I share on my blog and YouTube Channel. Quite honestly, I frequently forget the scope and range of what I write, and who exactly has access to it.

Let me explain. I am, as anyone who has read this blog for awhile is well aware of, an escort and single mother. Now, there are TONS of Hookers, Strippers, and Porn Stars out here blogging, tweeting, and Instagramming about their lives. At one time, we were a rarity, but now it seems as if every other blog is by an escort or some self professed Sex expert.What unites many of us is our anonymity, our mystery.

Who is this person?
Are they real?
Do they really do all the things they write about?

But what about those of us who don't hide? What about those of us who don't have a layer of anonymity to cloak who we are? As my friend mentioned during our recent conversation, 'Erika, anyone with Internet access and Google can find you and read your shit! Doesn't that worry you?

I don't know. Should it?

Should I have to hide behind fake names, wigs, and disguises just to protect myself? Should I assume that all of my clients or potential clients are crazy fuckers? Maybe I just can't fathom anyone being that fascinated with me, or with what I do.

I don't ever want to have to censor myself, even if there are times when I undoubtedly should. I LOVE when clients say “I read your blog all the time". Real people read my shit and some of them on an almost regular basis, and I LOVE that.

I’ve stopped writing for a while due to my 9-5 job, family,and personal dealings. And I admit that
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Dating a Client.....

I was recently contacted by a new escort asking my opinion on Dating Clients, and I’m going to make my answer short and sweet…..sort of!

If he’s married.....HELL FUCKING NO!

Personally, I would never date a married man without being his well-paid mistress or his Escort, PERIOD. If I wasn’t being compensated I'd feel like BOO BOO the fool.

Deception and manipulation is 70% of this industry from both sides, so it’s only normal for married men to come to us with their stories of not getting love from their wives and blah... blah….blah! After while that shit starts to sound like an ambulance siren…NOISY and ANNOYING!

Another thing we have to stop telling ourselves and each other is that we can fix these men’s marriages! That’s a LIE.  Every married man whose ever crossed my path didn’t fuck me because his marriage needed saving.  They come to us for Pussy, Head, and temporary companionship, and his wife should NEVER cross your mind unless she's giving you the money!

So stop thinking you can save these men by giving them love that they “claim” their wives don’t give them. That’s not your job!  Just keep the business aspect in tact and your relationship with your clients and financial stability can last for YEARS!

If he is single it would depend on several things. 

-How often would you see him? 
-How does he feel about you escorting? 
-Would you have to give up escorting for him?
-Can you afford to give up escorting? 
-Can you trust him? (Men will view your escorting as an opportunity for them to fuck around with other females) 

If you're still undecided, I would proceed with caution.

Just to weed through the bullshit, see the guy without sex for about 3-4 months.  Cutting out the sex will help you determine his agenda with better clarity.  If he’s
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