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My Sex, My way!

I have to admit it.

Being African American and growing up in a predominantly African American community has been a hindrance for me sexually, as it is for Most African Americans who grew up in a similar community as mine.  As African Americans we are constantly taught by our Baptist church going, bible toting grannies and aunties that sex is nasty, especially anal and oral.  It wasn't until my mid 20’s that I decided to buck everything I had learned from my family, and take on my sexual experience with a vengeance.

So armed with my promiscuity and slight intellect, I sought out to prove that what I had learned from church was nothing more than insignificant cultural brain washing.

First things first – I had to learn about other cultures,including ancient ones, and their views on sex and religion.  That search led me to the ancient teachings of the Kama Sutra.  Even in the ancient cites of Tibet and India, the followers worshiped sex deities (Gods), and one in particular was “YabYum”.  Unlike Jesus, Yab Yum had a wife, and their sexual union was the essence of the entire religion.  Whenever you saw statues of the God Yab Yum, it was usually him in a sexual act with his wife.  These types of deities and theologies were abundant before the European Christian Crusades destroyed them all and introduced the world to Christianity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to spread my anti-Christian message to the masses, because that’s not my duty or desire.  I’m just here to present you with truth, facts, and an unconventional way of viewing sex.

Because lets face it- the world is too large and too old to be hanging onto one little simple minded idea, that we all seem to have learned from our rather simple minded communities.
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My Girls.....My TITS!

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My girls. The twins. Whatever you want to call them, I have a love/hate relationship with my titties. 

No, stop. Let me be really, really honest here for a minute. I have a hate/hate relationship with them.

I hate that they never fit in bras.

I hate that I can't fit into Silk & Satin, or Victoria's Secret, or any of the other mall lingerie stores that have dozens of different bras on sale, and grab something cheap and sexy.

I hate even more that the only bras which ever fit my tits are sold in old lady boutiques and department stores.

I hate that the bras sold in those Delta Burke boutiques and department Stores which do fit me never cost less than $60.00 dollars.

I hate that these $60.00+ bras have straps wide enough to be used as tie downs for a mattress on a car hood.

I hate that my tits makes me look fatter than I really am.

I hate that they bounce around when I run to the point that I can almost knock myself unconscious with them.

I hate that I can fit into a size 14 or XL top, except that I need to go two sizes bigger to accommodate my boobs, so that my tops gap everywhere else.

I hate that I can't skip wearing a bra, or I look like one of those sloppy bra-less women we all sneer at. 

No bra+little boobs=sporty. No bra+giant boobs=sloppy

In an ideal universe, I'd install a titty remote control that lets me pump my boobs up and down, depending on the situation. In bed? Pump them up!Wearing something low cut and sexy! Click those fuckers up to a size F! Running up a flight of stairs? Down to a  size B.

Since that's not likely to happen
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My Future plans as a sex worker.

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Making a Transition from Part Time to Full Time Escort

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For women working in an escort service, it is typically usual for them to primarily evaluate their careers as escorts before beginning to make it as their major careers. Some test the job for a week or two and even a month to test the waters of the industry. But at what particular point is it appropriate for an escort to shift from working as part time into a full time career? There are a lot of part time escorts who are still puzzled if they will go into full time professionals. Will a full time career in an escorting service sustain every bills needed to be paid? Will her body and time be sufficient enough for a full time career? Is she prepared enough to become a full time escort professional?

Shifting from a part time to a full time profession as an escort is the same as changing careers from one job to another. It’s fairly a big adjustment for an individual and will have to require some thoughts and proper plans to make a big change very smoothly.

If you are having difficulties in making a final decision of becoming a full time professional escort, then you might consider these tips below to further help you out.

1. Create your client base from your part time escort gig.

Women who unexpectedly choose to become escorts cannot just leave their regular day time jobs. They also do not depend on revenue that is not automatically acquired from the start of the job. But if they decide to enter the industry for a part time work, then they can start building up their own clients list. These clients may become regulars and can sustain their needs all through their careers. It takes up some gradual effort for the girl

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