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Clients from hell.....

An old client has been calling me CONSTANTLY lately. 

He's an annoying mix of passive-aggressive-arrogant-game player, all wrapped up into one price-haggling bundle of grief.

He makes ½ hour appointments, and then stands me up by not calling. Fucking jerk! 

Worst of all, he knows how to push my buttons to the point that I lose my temper with his talks of ripping girls off in strip clubs and on the streets.

I -n e v e r- lose my temper with clients.

I just don't allow myself to.

I can't blame him for this, of course, since I am the provider and the things that happen during sessions are things that I have allowed.

I just don't need the money bad enough to see anyone who annoys me this much. I've been blessed with phones and emails which are really busy lately, so appointments are not exactly difficult to come by. Why on earth subject myself to a session that I definitely will not enjoy?

That, to me, is the definition of being a 'Ho' - allowing myself to accept money for doing something I hate. It's not about sex or touch - it's about allowing your conscience and morals to be bought for a price.

OK, that's enough of that. All I know is that there had better be a LOT of wine and weed waiting for me, or heads are going to roll...


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Who me FAT? No Shit Sherlock!

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I had a conversation a while back with a fellow Escort, in which she discussed a rash of bad reviews on one of the local review boards stating that her photos misrepresented her weight. 

She was pissed because, as she phrased it, "FUCK them, I'm working on loosing weight". 

Well baby-girl, it's time to start marketing yourself more Honestly. I market myself as a  BBW, but when new clients meet me, they are surprised that I'm actually smaller than they had imagined.

I've basically made being "chunky" the cornerstone of my career as a Sex worker. 

YES, many times a client will skip reading important info on my site regarding my weight, but that's his fault.....It's all documented!!! I've time and time again re-emphasized this fact... 

"Hi - I'm Chunky. Don't like fat chicks? Don't call me. Love them? Wonderful, let's talk." 

I don't always have weight listed because that changes like soiled tampons. I check the scales when I'm doing a master cleanse or what ever "Fad diet" I'm on, but other than that, your guess is as good as mine. I estimate because handy access to a scale is detrimental to my mental health - I tend to get all OCD-ish if I have one around me. 

I rely more on dress size, which is still, of course, just about the most subjective thing in the universe. Size XL from Target gaps on me, but size XL from Macy's wouldn't fit my pinkie finger. I'm not a great choice for those clients who are overly obsessive about stats. Instead, I rely on my photos to tell the story of who I am. 

So men PLEASE for the sake of MY happiness and YOURS.....Read my entire site before you book me!! 

PS....As of this morning I weigh 190
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To be, or NOT to be loyal to your favorite Hooker!

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I'll be honest here for a sec.  Although I never mind when one of my clients decide to see another escort, I usually wonder if he's seeing someone else because he wasn't satisfied with me, and I pride myself with delivering the best service to my clients

Sometimes I have to say to myself....."Erika, Isn't one of the mainreasons that men hobby is because they seek variety"? I've always assumed it is, sowhy on earth be upset if they seek out more of it?

I've heard of escorts becoming almost hysterical when learning their “regular client” has seen other girls. As I've always said  "There's a woman at home with a ring on her finger that probably expected monogamy too and look where that got her". Variety is the spice of life, and don't most of us enjoy things a bit spicy?

The one thing I do find a bit disconcerting is when a client you've seen for a while, on a fairly regular basis, just sort of disappears (like my Porn partner K). I worry that I've done something wrong, or didn't do something enough or whatever... I don't feel comfortable dropping one of those "hey how are you,where have you been" emails, in case it seems intrusive.

All I know is that there are plenty of men to go around inthis little underground lifestyle we call "The Hobby".

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Why men Cheat with hookers?

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